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European Green Capital Award Booklet


Will your city be the next European Green Capital? The European Commission launch a search to find the city that will inherit the prestigious title European Green Capital during European Green Week.
Each year the award is given to a European city that has demonstrated a well-established record of achieving high environmental standards and is committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for future environmental improvement and sustainable development. Cities across Europe with more than 100,000 inhabitants can apply for the title.

Here is the informative brochure on if you are eligible, how to apply, how the evaluation process works and what the benefits of winning are.

I was asked to do some photoshop work on an image for booklet. The request was to photoshop out the man walking towards the camera. The task required reconstructing the deck of the bridge, the tower, the pier of the tower, the cityscape running behind the pier, the water (including the visible currents) and the footpath. The European Commission was very happy with the end result.

Carmel Guilfoyle