Carmel Guilfoyle

Digital Carousel

Digital Carousel


Multimedia Installation

Digital Carousel was an installation in Hello Operator, 12 Rutland Pl, Dublin.

In August 2010. It was a group effort of five MSc Multimedia students from DCU who took old slides from 1970's carousel projector and animated them using After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

It combined both analogue and digital forms of projection and dealt with the concept of memory and nostalgia. The installation comprised of a 13 minute digital animation which was timed to the intervals of the 80 slides shown on the analogue Kodak Carousel Projector.

The short documentary of the set up of the installation and the opening night is below. More information and the full animation can be found on the Digital Carousel Blog.

The videos are intended to be viewed in tandem by playing them simultaneously. Enjoy!

(FOR OPTIMAL VISUAL & AUDIO: press play on the second video then 2 seconds later press play on the first. Decrease the volume of the second video to about 50%)